Sessions in Google Chrome

In Chrome, a session typically refers to a set of tabs within a single window. If you have opened 3 windows with different numbers of tabs, you have also created 3 sessions accordingly. We deliberately separated this information into a distinct post to avoid cluttering the article about tabs.

Example of multiple Chrome sessions saved using Session Buddy

How to Restore a Session

To view closed sessions in Chrome, you need to access the internal address:

  • menu → “History” → “Recent tabs”

Here, as seen in the example screenshot above, you can find several previous web browsing sessions. By clicking “Restore window”, you can restore any of them. For quickly restoring the last session in Chrome, you can also use the Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut.

The main issue with the built-in session restoration feature is that most users work with pages within a single window and constantly overwrite old entries in history. Roughly speaking, in this case, it is problematic to restore the penultimate and earlier sessions because they simply do not exist. For these purposes, a separate session-saving tool described in the next section is perfect.

noticeIf you want previously opened tabs to be saved between sessions, it’s easy to implement.

How to Save a Session

Google Chrome does not have a built-in session-saving feature. However, you can rectify this injustice using extensions. We have tested 2 of the most popular ones. Here, you can save the list of currently open pages with an intuitive name for the group. You can delete list items, rename lists, or merge them. Almost complete freedom. Let’s not dwell on the extension installation process, just consider their main differences.

  • Session Buddy
    • Link to the web store
    • Nice, convenient interface for working with sessions
    • Import/export of the database
    • Minimum settings
  • Tab Session Manager
    • Link to the web store
    • Many interesting settings
    • Synchronization of sessions via Google Drive
    • Automatic session saving
    • Not the most user-friendly interface

Subjectively, the interface for managing already saved sessions is simpler and more pleasant in the first extension, but overall, the second one has many more functions. You can test any of them or their analogs yourself using the search in the catalog for the word session.

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