WebGL в Google Chrome

Support for WebGL technology of the latest version 2.0 has been included in Google Chrome since the 56th release. However, users’ requests regarding issues with displaying 3D graphics in the browser can still be encountered on various online resources. Let’s consider all possible reasons.

By default Chrome supports WebGL

Enable WebGL

We recommend ensuring that hardware acceleration is enabled in the settings, without which the technology will operate with limitations, as the browser simply won’t be able to utilize the graphics card. As an additional check, you can:

  1. go to chrome://gpu/
  2. make sure that the “WebGL'” and “WebGL2” lines are marked as “Hardware accelerated”

Solving issues in games

Sometimes you may encounter a message like “WebGL not supported” in a browser game even though everything seems fine with WebGL settings. In this case, try:

  1. open the link chrome://flags/#use-angle
  2. explicitly set the “Choose ANGLE graphics backend” flag to D3D9
  3. restart Chrome with the button “Relaunch”

Browser WebGL support test

Just a couple of links to check WebGL support in any browser:

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